One solution for all travel documentation needs

Bye-Bye to long boring travel requirements forms.


Secure, Reliable, Fast.

A complete solution for traveler providers. It takes care of all the paperwork and documentation required by your traveler.
All you have to do is fill out traveler's profile and apply.

🌏 One-time traveler profile

Create a traveler profile once and use it to apply for visas, permits, or any other travel requirements needed for your traveler request. Fluxir will keep track of travel restrictions and give you personalized experience based on your search.

💭 A complete solution for travelers

Fluxir is an all-in-one solution for the entire travel process - from acquiring the necessary travel requirements to applying for Evisa's, ETA's , entry permit, or the suiting travel insurance to keep you safe.

💯 Unique score matrix provides a unique matrix that helps you know the application chances of success before you apply and tracks traveler profile score to improve mobility score.